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Most electric vehicles are powered by lithium-ion technology. The application of li-ion offers many possibilities, but there are also risks associated with its use.

Li-ion batteries are therefore qualified as ‘dangerous goods’, that must be handled with care. Heskon provides various professional services for manufacturers or businesses that use batteries in their products, especially in small electric vehicles (SEVs).

Who are we?

  • Heskon offers professional maintenance and repair services for lithium-ion batteries
  • In recent years we have become a trusted partner for both end users and battery manufacturers
  • As a result, Heskon has developed into one of the largest repair centers for EV batteries in Europe.

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  1. We invite you for a visit and provide a quote for the project
  2. Our technicians are prepared to work with your batteries and tools
  3. A specialized team starts with the operational activities
  4. Together we evaluate whether the objectives have been achieved