It is very likely that from 2025 the responsibility for the disposal of lithium batteries will lie with battery manufacturers due to new EU regulations. This is an important step in the transition towards a circular economy for li-ion batteries.

At Heskon we pay special attention to the processing of used batteries and make sure that end-of-life products are dismantled with care. We support manufacturers that want to handle used batteries in a responsible manner by re-using parts that are still in good condition. Other components are carefully sorted and prepared for recycling.

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Why Heskon?

Professional dismantling
End-of-life batteries can be disassembled: the battery packs are carefully deconstructed and prepared for further processing by specialized recycling parties.
Preparing for other uses
Lithium battery cells are separated from other components and classified for second-life application in electronics (e.g. home batteries, power banks) or for the recovery of raw materials.
Special disassembly machinery
The process is partially automated by special disassembly machinery, which enables us to dismantle large amounts of battery packs safely and quickly.