When customers experience battery issues during or after the warranty period, it is vital for brand owners/dealers to have a certified European service partner to take care of these issues. With the approaching European legislation on ‘Right to Repair’ for consumers, a reliable service partner becomes even more crucial.

Heskon has the capacity to carry out major battery repair projects, and perform accurate capacity (SoH) or diagnostic tests related to battery performance.

Why Heskon?

Highly experienced with batteries
Our technicians have plenty of experience in solving various battery performance issues. In most cases deeply-discharged or imbalanced EV battery packs can be restored.
Strict quality control
Heskon’s repair center has a large battery (aging) test facility with over 50 diagnostic computers that can execute performance checks. Testing results are closely monitored and logged for any restored battery.
Trained for your project
Repairs will be performed exclusively by trained technicians and using A-grade materials to provide a safe, high-quality product, that meets at least the same standards as the original.