In short

Heskon supports business users and manufacturers of li-ion batteries when issues arise with the quality or safety of their products. Our services include maintaining and repairing lithium batteries that exceed 100 Wh, which are used in small electric vehicles (such as e-bikes).

Over 40.000 EV batteries have been rebuilt since 2019, making Heskon market leader in Belgium and the Netherlands, where the company is based. Over the years B2B activities have spread to other parts of Europe and Southeast Asia.


Our location

Heskon BV is based in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Our 2000m2 service center has been recently renovated and offers sufficient space for the development of large-scale battery projects.

Due to its favorable location, Tiburg offers an abundance of logistics service providers and there are direct connections to the port of Rotterdam and Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

Teamfoto Heskon

Our team

Nowadays the Heskon team consists of around 35 skilled employees with expertise in the field of EV energy storage. Our knowledge and experience extends beyond EV batteries though. Heavy electronic power tools and other mobile devices with large-sized batteries can be perfectly restored as well.

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Why Heskon?

With more than 40,000 successfully repaired EV batteries, Heskon is one of the most experienced battery repairers for small electric vehicles in Europe. Our expert technicians resolve quality or safety issues for a broad spectrum of batteries that have been launched on the European market in recent years.
Our process is divided into a flow of successive, specialized departments according to the Kanban principle. Quality control takes place between each department and every action is digitally recorded in our self-developed ERP system. This is crucial in view of upcoming EU legislation that requires a digital passport for every EV battery.
A new project can be started in a short amount of time, with a separate line being set up to construct new battery packs or repair problems with existing products. A team of experienced technicians is assisted by supporting staff, which ensures a high degree of flexibility and speed.