Heskon Projects are collaborations with business users or manufacturers of lithium batteries. These projects usually involve large batches of batteries that must be repaired on behalf of the brand owner, in accordance with certain quality and safety standards.

Heskon has a standardized procedure for starting up new projects, which allows us to proceed to the production stage as quickly as possible after the first contact.

Stage 1: Offer

For the first meeting, we are always happy to invite the client to our service center in Tilburg. It is possible to get a tour of the workshop and an introductory meeting with our managing director.

We can prepare an offer based on the size and duration of the project. At the end of this phase, contractual agreements are made, for example about the quantity of batteries per week/month that must be restored.

Fase 2: Setup

After discussing the terms of the project, our process manager starts with the creation of a workflow and then resources are assigned to the project. Heskon assembles a specialist team to carry out the repair works with OEM parts and software.

At this stage operational and logistical preparations are made and often partners would like a company representative to be involved in the preparations. Sometimes clients prefer to have their batteries collected at their business location on a weekly basis and in other cases we receive products directly from the end user.

Stage 3: Production

When all necessary parts have been collected and work instructions have been completed, the project team is fully operational. From then on, activities are handed over to the project coordinator. This person has the necessary technical knowledge to support the production staff and is also responsible for the client contact.

Stage 4: Evaluation

Our process manager is responsible for measuring performance and evaluation of the production results, which is eventually processed in a final report. During the evaluation phase, we will determine whether the goals have been achieved and if we can possibly extend the collaboration.